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The 2022 Luigi De Rosa Lecture on Global History will be delivered, via live streaming,  on December 14, 5.00 pm,  by Barry Eichengreen, Professor of Economics and  Political Science, University of California, Berkeley.  The topic chosen is: "International Reserve Currencies. Myths and Realities”  
The 2021 Luigi De Rosa Lecture on Global History was broadcasted, via live streaming, on December 9, 5.00 pm,  by Harold James Professor of History, Princeton University.    
The 2020 Luigi De Rosa Lecture on Global History was broadcasted via live streaming on December 9,  at 5:00 pm  
The 2019 Luigi De Rosa Lecture on Global History was delivered on December 12, by Alexander Nutzenadel, Professor of Social and Economic History at Humboldt University, Berlin  
The 2018 Luigi De Rosa Lecture on Global History was delivered on December 12, 2018 by Gerard McCann Senior Lecturer and Professor  
The 2017 Luigi De Rosa Lecture on Global History was delivered on December 11, 2017 by Enrico Giovannini, Full Professor at ...  
The 2016 Luigi De Rosa Lecture on Global History was delivered on December 5, 2016 by prof. Josà© Luis Moreno (University of Lujà¡n and University ...  
We announce with great sadness that Prof. Peter Mathias, Emeritus at Downing College, Cambridge, passed away a few days ago. He was ...  
The latest issue of "The Journal of European Economic History" ("From the Financial Crisis to the Banking Union. Perspectives From Economic History") ...  
The XIX Annual Conference of the European Society for the History of Economic Thought (ESHET) will take place at the University of Rome III  
In response to the financial crisis that emerged in 2007-2008, the European Union pursued a number of new initiatives to create a sounder financial sector.  
The 21st of February, in Viareggio, will presented the book "Banca, Etica, Sviluppo" promoted by the Italian Banking Association ...  
Kristof Glamann, Professor emeritus of Economic History at the University of Copenhagen, founding member of The Journal in 1972 ...  
The Journal of European Economic History opens to all its readers an archive of over 500 articles and 1,000 reviews published from 1972 to the present  
The Journal of European Economic History, the quarterly journal of economic history founded in 1972 by Luigi De Rosa, has resumed publications ...  
2013 Single Issue of The Journal of European Economic History has just been published by Bancaria Editrice, the publishing house of the ...  
For launching of the new editorial series, The Journal of European Economic History, ABI and Bancaria Editrice organize two events in Rome ...  
This is the title of the book written by Giovanni Farese and Paolo Savona that reconstructs, for the first time, the life of Eugene R. Black ...  
It's online the new website of The Journal of European Economic History:, where you can register to receive free newsletters on the upcoming issues, the conferences, the call for papers ...  


Paolo Guerrieri
Sapienza University, Rome and College d’Europe, Bruges


Gaetano Sabatini
University of Roma Tre, and ISEM-CNR


Giovanni Farese
European University of Rome, Rome


Gianpaolo Conte
University of Roma Tre


Anton Miguel Bernal
University of Seville

John A. Davis
University of Connecticut

John Komlos
University of Munich

José Luis Moreno
Emeritus, National University of Luján and University of Buenos Aires

Alexander Nützenadel
Humboldt University, Berlin

Luis Antonio Ribot Garcia
UNED, Madrid

Samir Saul
University of Montreal

Paola Subacchi
Queen Mary University, London

Hans Pohl
University of Bonn

Nuno Valerio
University of Lisbon

Herman van der Wee
Emeritus, Catholic University, Leuven


Andrea Cafarelli
University of Udine

Leandro Conte
University of Siena

Francesco Dandolo
Federico II University, Naples

Giuseppe De Luca
University of Milan

Giuseppe Di Taranto
LUISS Guido Carli, Rome

Germano Maifreda
University of Milan

Luca Mocarelli
University of Milan-Bicocca

Antonio Pedone
Sapienza University, Rome

Gian Luca Podestà
University of Parma

Alessandro Roncaglia
Sapienza University, Rome

Donatella Strangio
Sapienza University, Rome