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The Journal of European Economic History is a quarterly founded in 1972 by economic historians Luigi De Rosa (1922-2004) and Peter Mathias (1928-2016).

Since its inception the mission of the Journal has been to “reknit the common threads of European economic history” both at the national level, and that of the European Economic Community, now European Union.

The study of the relations between Europe and the rest of the world, with special focus to China, Latin America and the U.S., has also been developed as globalization and the interest for global history deepened.

Over forty years, supported by an authoritative International Board, the Journal has published more than five hundred high-quality articles and more than a thousand reviews, achieving global recognition and readership.

The Journal is a peer-review publication, and the papers received are submitted to double-blind refereeing.

The referral process is blind and is supervised by the Editors, and the National and International Boards.

For more information see also the section Editorial policy or, directly, the section Submitting a paper



Paolo Guerrieri
Sapienza University, Rome and College d’Europe, Bruges


Gaetano Sabatini
University of Rome III, and University of Lisbon


Giovanni Farese
European University of Rome and LUISS Guido Carli, Rome


Gianpaolo Conte
University of Roma Tre


Anton Miguel Bernal
University of Seville

John A. Davis
University of Connecticut

Antonio Di Vittorio
University of Bari

José Luis Moreno
Emeritus, National University of Luján and University of Buenos Aires

Paolo Pecorari
University of Udine

John Komlos
University of Munich

Hans Pohl
University of Bonn

Paola Subacchi
Qeen Mary University, London

Nuno Valerio
University of Lisbon

Herman van der Wee
Emeritus, Catholic University, Leuven


Andrea Cafarelli
University of Udine

Leandro Conte
University of Siena

Francesco Dandolo
Federico II University, Naples

Giuseppe De Luca
University of Milan

Giuseppe Di Taranto
LUISS Guido Carli, Rome

Germano Maifreda
University of Milan

Luca Mocarelli
University of Milan-Bicocca

Antonio Pedone
Sapienza University, Rome

Gianluca Podestà
University of Parma

Alessandro Roncaglia
Sapienza University, Rome

Donatella Strangio
Sapienza University, Rome