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Luigi De Rosa Lecture

The Luigi De Rosa Lecture on Global History is a memorial lecture established in 2014 at the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the death of the founder of The Journal of European Economic History. The Lecture takes place in December every year at Palazzo Altieri, Rome, headquarters of The Journal of European Economic History and of its publisher ABI, the Italian Banking Association.

The Luigi De Rosa Lecture 2022 was delivered  by Barry Eichengreen, Professor of Economics and  Political Science, University of California, Berkeley, on the theme "International Reserve Currencies. Myths and Realities


The Luigi De Rosa Lecture 2021 was delivered by Harold James Professor of History at Princeton University, on the theme "Rethinking the Legacy of Bretton Woods".


The Luigi De Rosa Lecture 2020 was delivered  by Alessandro Roncaglia (Sapienza Università di Roma and Accademia dei Lincei), on the theme: " The European Union: Strengthen pr Perish”.


The Luigi De Rosa Lecture 2019 was delivered by Alexander Nutzenadel, Professor of Social and Economic History at Humboldt University, Berlin on the theme: "The Paradox of Regulation The Banking Crisis of the 1930s and its Legacy”.


The Luigi De Rosa Lecture 2018 was delivered  by Gerard McCann Senior Lecturer and Professor of Economic History at St. Mary’s College, Queen’s University – Belfast, on the theme: " The United Kingdom and the European Integration Process. From Accession to Brexit”.


The Luigi De Rosa Lecture 2017 was delivered by Enrico Giovannini, Full Professor at Università di Roma Tor Vergata, and  Spokesperson, Alleanza italiana per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile, on the theme: " From endless growth to Sustainable Development: a paradigma shift to save the world".


The Luigi De Rosa Lecture 2016 was delivered by prof. José Luis Moreno (University of Luján and University of Buenos Aires) on the theme "Migration and economic history. The case of Italian emigration to Argentina".


The Luigi De Rosa Lecture 2015 was delivered by prof. John Davis (University of Connecticut and member of the International Board of The Journal of European Economic History)  on the theme: Unique or universal? Italy's 'Southern question' in transnational perspective.


The Luigi De Tosa Lecture 2014 was delivered by Harvard University historian Tamar Herzog on 9 December 2014.
Luigi De Rosa (Naples 1922-Burgos 2004) was one of the most authoritative economic historian of the XXth Century. His works on banking and finance renewed both contents and methodology of Economy History. He taught economic history in many counties including Argentina, the People's Republic of China, Spain, the United States. His bibliography includes more than six hundred entries.


Paolo Guerrieri
Sapienza University, Rome and College d’Europe, Bruges


Gaetano Sabatini
University of Roma Tre, and ISEM-CNR


Giovanni Farese
European University of Rome, Rome


Gianpaolo Conte
University of Roma Tre


Anton Miguel Bernal
University of Seville

John A. Davis
University of Connecticut

John Komlos
University of Munich

José Luis Moreno
Emeritus, National University of Luján and University of Buenos Aires

Alexander Nützenadel
Humboldt University, Berlin

Luis Antonio Ribot Garcia
UNED, Madrid

Samir Saul
University of Montreal

Paola Subacchi
Queen Mary University, London

Hans Pohl
University of Bonn

Nuno Valerio
University of Lisbon

Herman van der Wee
Emeritus, Catholic University, Leuven


Andrea Cafarelli
University of Udine

Leandro Conte
University of Siena

Francesco Dandolo
Federico II University, Naples

Giuseppe De Luca
University of Milan

Germano Maifreda
University of Milan

Luca Mocarelli
University of Milan-Bicocca

Antonio Pedone
Sapienza University, Rome

Gian Luca Podestà
University of Parma

Alessandro Roncaglia
Sapienza University, Rome

Donatella Strangio
Sapienza University, Rome


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