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Editorial Policy

Paper submissions are always welcome.

The Journal (including Special issues) is published three times a year: in spring, fall, and winter.
Call for papers on specific topics may also be organized and announced in due time (one year before).

The Journal publishes articles in economic history that innovate contents and methods and increase scientific knowledge, and reviews of recent relevant books that broadly fall under its research and study interest.

The Journal is devoted to the study of modern and contemporary economic history of Europe and of single European countries seen also in their broad impact and relations on, and with, other areas of the world.

Special interest is devoted to topics such:
  • banking, financial and monetary history
  • growth and development in historical perspective
  • the history of European economic integration, past to present
  • the history of national and international economic and financial institutions
  • the history of economic and financial relations between Europe and the World
  • the role of the State in the economy in historical perspective
  • the history of economic thought (i.e. history of economics)
  • the history of ideas, and their impact on economic policy
  • the history of infrastructures, of transports and of trade
  • the history of innovation and of technological change
  • groups and figures that have promoted change
  • economic historiography and economic theory
This list is orientative. Papers on Antiquity, on middle Ages, and on Early-Modern are also welcome.
Papers must be the fruit of original work. Since 1972 archivally-based research papers are most welcome.
Review copies of books are welcome. The titles of all the books sent to the Journal are published in the “Books received” section. Only some of the books received are actually reviewed. Reviews are by invitation only.

For more information see the section Submitting a paper.  


Paolo Guerrieri
Sapienza University, Rome and College d’Europe, Bruges


Gaetano Sabatini
University of Roma Tre, and ISEM-CNR


Giovanni Farese
European University of Rome, Rome


Gianpaolo Conte
University of Roma Tre


Anton Miguel Bernal
University of Seville

John A. Davis
University of Connecticut

John Komlos
University of Munich

José Luis Moreno
Emeritus, National University of Luján and University of Buenos Aires

Alexander Nützenadel
Humboldt University, Berlin

Luis Antonio Ribot Garcia
UNED, Madrid

Samir Saul
University of Montreal

Paola Subacchi
Queen Mary University, London

Hans Pohl
University of Bonn

Nuno Valerio
University of Lisbon

Herman van der Wee
Emeritus, Catholic University, Leuven


Andrea Cafarelli
University of Udine

Leandro Conte
University of Siena

Francesco Dandolo
Federico II University, Naples

Giuseppe De Luca
University of Milan

Germano Maifreda
University of Milan

Luca Mocarelli
University of Milan-Bicocca

Antonio Pedone
Sapienza University, Rome

Gian Luca Podestà
University of Parma

Alessandro Roncaglia
Sapienza University, Rome

Donatella Strangio
Sapienza University, Rome


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